@ Schmiede: Betiana Bellofatto & Valeria Schwarz
With the kind support of Tennengauer Kunstkreis –

inVESTIR is an inter-cultural project between Europe and North Africa, in which virtual art, politics and participatory performance in the public space are intertwined in order to create an intercontinental dialogue. It is organized in two stages. Firstly, there is a virtual phase developed as an intensive research and communication through appropriate social networks. In the first months i Collective e.V. team contact people from North African states and chat with them regarding issues like identity, politics, future perspectives, among others. inVESTIR also acts as a moderator in order to encourage the dialogue between the different participants. These conversations and interviews serve as a ground for the second stage of the project. During this phase which occurs in the public space, the most important statements or quotations of the dialogues are selected and printed on T-shirts. Volunteers from an European city wear these T-shirts during the opening of one international cultural event as well as in their everyday lives, in a way to introduce the words of North Africans in the European reality.

In 2010 i Collective first developed inVESTIR for the Parallel Events of MANIFESTA 8 in Murcia, Spain. The political upheavals of the last year known as the “Arab Spring” triggered radical social transformations in North Africa. This made a reactivation of the project not just relevant but also exciting! inVESTIR focuses on issues like the organization of a democratic future and how it is transferred to the everyday life; as well as the change in the collective consciousness of people from North Africa. In 2012 it was presented in Berlin, in Genk, Belgium (Parallel Events MANIFESTA 9) and in Hallein, Austria (Schmiede).

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pictures © Betiana Bellofatto


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