Ivo Francx

The Projekt Cave / Lights consists of four fluorescent lamps that flicker in random bursts, triggering an audio output. Though flickering lights are generally perceived as annoying, the installation conveys a meditative feeling immersing the visitors in a ambience of light and sound.
Inspired by the flaws of pseudo-random generative processes in music software, the concept aims at generating truly random signals. A computer cannot generate a real random sequence because it is always determinable . The Installation on the other hand generates the flickering of the lamps through modified lamp-starters. Being affected by various parameters (e.g. temperature or load the electric circuit has to bear), the starters generate a truly uncontrollable output of 0’s and 1’s. This output controls the flickering of the lamps, which in turn is fed into the computer via light sensors. The computer then processes the light flickering into gate signals, triggering the audio output.
Filming and Helping: Bartholomäus Traubeck!



Cave / Lights from Ivo Francx on Vimeo.


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