Space Time Helix

by Michaela Pelusio
feat. Ciference Symphony, Michael Schreiber, Darren

SpaceTime Helix is a kinetic light sculpture, showing the passage of time, endlessly into the future. Space time helix is a play with light, helical symmetries, geometry and infinity.

SpaceTime Helix is a spinning standing wave in a white string, forming a large helicoid up to the roof. The helix surface is bright transparent, with waves running over it, disapearing into the past. More and more distant in space-time.

After a while, the sculpture stops and the string comes to a stop, the helix slowly fading away, until only a simple straight white string remains, puzzling the spectators. Only to start up again moments later.

Standing waves are common in modern physics, like string theory and quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics the energy levels of a particle are standing (quantum mechanical) waves. In string theory particles themselves are strings in many space-time dimensions and the different types of particles are the different standing waves.

SpaceTime Helix was exhibited in the Basilica di San Marco, Heraklion and at the SciCafe 2012, in the Natural History Museum of Heraklion, and has been proposed for exhibition at the Biennale of Santorini.


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